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We would dance like no one was watching , With one fist in the air...

Reinventing Axl Rose
We want a band
that plays loud and hard every night
That doesn't care how many people are counted at the door
That would travel one million miles and ask for nothing more than a plate of food and a place to rest

They'd strike chords 
that cut like a knife
It would mean so much
more than t-shirts or a ticket stub
They'd stop at nothing short of a massacre
Everyone would leave with the memory that there was no place else in the world
And this was where they always belonged

We would dance like no one was watching
With one fist in the air
Our arena just basements 
and bookstores across an underground America
With this fire 
we could light

Just gimme a scene 
where the music is free
And the beer 
is not 
the life of the party
There's no need to shit talk or impress
'Cause honesty and emotion are not looked down upon
And every promise
that's made and bragged
is meant if not kept
We'd do it all because we have to,
not because we know why
Beyond a gender, race, and class,
we could find what really holds us back

Let's make everybody sing
That they are the beginning and ending of everything
That we all are stronger
than everything they taught us that we should fear
im hoping now that my plans will work out so  i can make it to the show in either New York or Washington.
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