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Against me in melbourne Australia


oh my fucking god! they are the best live! So I went with ella and before we lined up at the arthouse, we thought we would get some redbull to make us hyped (which turned out shit results) and then we lined up and EVERYONE had redbull haha and a redbull truck drove past and beeped and we're all screaming and shit. And then we see some supporting bands unload in front, and everyone just stares at them haha. Then we get in. We're in. Four other bands played before against me! which took like 4 hours which sucked because i didn't know them and i felt like vomiting already haha. but when the last band before am came on people were ninja moshing and fighting and it looked so good i regret not taking photos. And we took a photo of warren at the bar and he smiled at ella and they had moments! haha

So they came on, and the first song they sang was pints of guiness i think i recall... and the crowd was just standing there nodding their heads and they said "Guys, melbourne is like the new york of australia, this is our last day here make some fucking noise and shake your booties, i know it's a shit time to start a gig but it's our last time!"
so the crowd went ape shit. And i fell over in the mosh haha, and nearly got trampled on, and kicked in the head by stupid fucking crowd surfers but the best song they played was 'you look like you need a drink'! fucking mad as!
I did't get to take that many pictures but i brought my camera but the mosh was too violent to have cameras! And then this guy said play jordan's 1st choice and they're like dude, jordan's dead, and then we all laughed and then they said it's not funny, and then the guy said i didn't say it was funny but it was funny and then am! were like yeah jordan is dead but we dont care hahahBUT guess what!? I got to meet tom and warren and they are so nice. Tom is hot as! x! and warren is so sweet. I'll show you more photos later but i have to do some stuff now, but here i leave yall with the picture i will always cherish hahah!

Me and TOM from AGAINST ME!

(note: it was straight after the show so obviously we are all sweaty)
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