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howdy boys and girls

so i feel a little bit bad. i must confess, i forgot this community existed. while my feelings for am! hae maybe changed a little bit, i still love them and would like to see them live one or two more times, and soon, in case the tours just start to get unbearable. has anyone been to a show lately? how was it? i mean, crowd, venue, actual show, etc.
recently i bought the newet seven inch and the cover art kept my friends and i amused for a very long time. it's amazing. if you haven't seen it, find someone who owns it or order it or something. i fucken hope it amuses you as much as it did me.

on another note, i haven't gotten a good mix from anyone in a long ass time. does anyone want to trade?? if no one wants to post personal info (IE addresses) here we could email or something. fun fun!
take care all.
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